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June 28-29, 2020: POP UP: An Artistic Treasure Hunt - Hanover , NH
POP UP Featured at Dartmouth College's 2020 SHIFT FESTIVAL

Dartmouth College presents "POP UP: An Artistic Treasure Hunt" as part of the 2020 SHIFT FESTIVAL.
VENUE: Dartmouth College
ADDRESS: Various Venues , Hanover , NH
PHONE: 603.646.2422
June 28-29, 2020 Sunday at 1PM & 5:30PM; Monday at 5:30PM
Developed by the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (France) and the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (USA), «PoP Up» is an artistic treasure hunt. The public is guided to a series of site-specific performances via clues on a hand-painted map. Over the course of 2 days, performances pop-up on the street, in windows, parks and plazas throughout Hanover and around campus. These short apparitions of music, dance, theater and/or visual art are inspired by interviews with local residents. By injecting a series of alternately playful, poetic or poignant performances in everyday spaces, the project is designed to inspire wonder, joy and whimsy. The performances, performed by the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble will be sculpted through a live-composing sign language called Soundpainting. Strike Anywhere (SA) is the preeminent Soundpainting ensemble in the United States. Community members will be invited to attend free Soundpainting workshops while the company is in residence and will be invited to perform as part of the finale of the piece.

The unique, custom-designed treasure hunt will feature 5 different pop up performances. Each adventure lasts approximately one hour and 45 minutes.

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