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Since 1997, Strike Anywhere has been creating nuanced and polished improvisations with its collective of world-class jazz musicians, dancers and actors. SA's prime compositional tool is Soundpainting - a sign language for live composition that allows a conductor to sculpt a composition in real-time with improvising performers.

SA is the preeminent theatre company in the U.S. practicing Soundpainting. SA's Artistic Director, Leese Walker was the first actress to be soundpainted and is one of only five certified-multidisciplinary Soundpainters in the United States. SA's musicians are some of the most experienced Soundpainting performers in the world, having worked as core members of Soundpainting inventor, Walter Thompson's Orchestra since the late 1980's.

Strike Anywhere offers 3 types of custom-designed performances: OPEN FORM SOUNDPAINTINGS (no preset content), THEMED SOUNDPAINTINGS (inspired by the content of your choice) or SOUNDPAINTING COLLABORATIONS (a Soundpainting residency and performance with an established dance, music, theater or community group).

PREVIOUS OPEN FORM SOUNDPAINTINGS: 2019 Downtown Brooklyn Arts Festival, Evento Festival (Bordeaux, France), Elevated Soundscapes (Highline, NYC), La Pleiade 2018-19 Season Opening (La Riche, France), La Machine Pneumatique (Marseille, France), 2019 & 2018 Live Composition Festival (Brooklyn, NY).

PREVIOUS THEMED-SOUNDPAINTINGS: EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION (Globesity Festival Commission - exploring America's obsession with over-consumption), RIVERHEAD (Two River Theatre Company Commission to celebrate the opening of their new theater) & THE WEATHER PROJECT, (NACL Theatre's epic community-based project exploring Climate Change).

PREVIOUS SOUNDPAINTING COLLABORATIONS: THE BOWIE PROJECT (2017 Ironwood Hall, 2015 Long Center, 2014 Stateside/Paramount in Austin, TX - a soundpainted mash-up of Bowie music & quotes with Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre & The Super Creeps), FARCE OF NATURE (Roundabout Theatre Company & JKO HS - Climate change), TEMPEST-TOSSED (mash-up of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" with music by Phillip Glass, Stravinsky and Ravi Shankar with a 65-member concert band, choir and 30 actors in Fort Worth, Texas).

""Led by founder and director Leese Walker, Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble merges music, theater, improvisation, and structured composition into a total multi-media experience 'a happening' in which art leaps off the wall and into the seat next to us.""
- Asbury Park Press

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