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CALENDAR OF EVENTS     [ History ]

Feb. 14-March 14, 2018: Custom-Designed In-School Residencies - Queens, NY
Activating Shakespeare - Something Wicked This Way Comes!
VENUE: International High School for Health Sciences
ADDRESS: 48-01 90th St , Queens, NY
PHONE: (718) 595-8600
Strike Anywhere Teaching Artist, Amy E. Witting will visit three 12th grade ELA classes to support their unit on Shakespeare's "Macbeth". The students will be exploring the text using the Folger's Shakespeare Set Free series and the teaching-artist will provide complimentary experiential lessons that allow students to perform a close reading of the text on their feet through theater games, exercises and by staging scenes from the play.

March 11-16, 2018: PoP Up - Marseille, France
Mapping the Neighborhood for PoPuP

The creative team of "Pop-Up" will travel to Marseille in advance of the performers to pick the performance sites, map the neighborhood and conduct interviews with local merchants and residents. This site visit is part of a development residency provided by the Lieux Public allowing the companies to further develop the show. The performers arrive in October to rehearse and perform the set of site-specific soundpaintings.
VENUE: Lieux Public
ADDRESS: 225 Avenue des Aygalades , Marseille, France
PHONE: 33 (0) 4 91 03 81 28

Feb. 6- June 5, 2018: Custom-Designed In-School Residencies - Staten Island, NY
Midsummer Night's Dream

This is an after-school Shakespeare Residency for 4th and 5th grade students. Approximately 4 Initial workshops will introduce the entire group to the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" so that once the students break off into three separate groups (actors, set designers and costume designers) all students have an understanding of the play, know the plot and are familiar with the characters so that they can produce a coherent design for the play. Once the group has divided by artistic discipline, Cynthia Babak, the SA teaching-artist will work solely with the actors to block and rehearse scenes from the play in preparation for the culminating performance on June 5.
ADDRESS: 55 Layton Ave. , Staten Island, NY

November 2-June 8, 2018: Custom-Designed In-School Residencies - New York, New York

For the first time in our 12 year partnership with MIHS, Strike Anywhere teaching-artists will partner with global studies teachers at this school for recent immigrants. Students will explore U.S. history experientially through improv, playwriting, character studies and scene work.
VENUE: Manhattan International High School
ADDRESS: 317,E 67th St , New York, New York
PHONE: (212) 517-6728

May 30-June 1, 2018: Live Composition Festival - Brooklyn, NY

Strike Anywhere has teamed up with Letter of Marque Ensemble to co-produce the LIVE-COMPOSITION FESTIVAL. Wrap-around programming includes: Soundpainting master classes and podcasts leading up to the festival with workshops, performances and ensemble-exchanges during the 3-day festival.
VENUE: G & S Loft
ADDRESS: 255 Douglass St , Brooklyn, NY
May 30-June 1, 2018: 8PM Opening Set; 9PM Headliner; 10PM After-Hours Jam Session
The Festival will highlight some of the finest live-composers including some of the best Soundpainters from here and abroad. SOUNDPAINTING is the live-composing sign language for improvising musicians, actors, dancers, and visual artists. The language is comprised of over 1500 gestures. Soundpainting allows a composer/conductor to sculpt group improvisations in real-time.

September 20-23, 2018: PoP Up - Tours, France
PoP Up Premieres in Tours, France

"POP-UP" is a series of 15 site-specific performances based on interviews with the community. The performances appear at various times throughout the day. Each one happens once over the course of 4 days. The show is coupled with a residency that allows the creative team to conduct interviews and map a highly-trafficked and easily-walkable neighborhood. Information gathered during the interview process inspires a series of performance "palettes" (short musical compositions, choreography, theatrical scenes and/or art installations) as well as a series of ink and watercolor maps. The palettes are manipulated in performance through a live-composing sign language called Soundpainting which allows a conductor (the Soundpainter) to sculpt the improvised composition. The Soundpainter signs to performers who then shape their performance according to the signed gestures.

French cartographer, Julien Rodriguez develops a hand-made "memory map" which represents the interview material pictorially. The maps provide clues to the location of the performances turning the experience into an artistic scavenger hunt. The maps also provide a visceral memento of the experience. Soundpainting workshops during the residency allow community members to learn basic Soundpainting language and participate in key scenes. The project is designed to connect community members through art.

VENUE: Quartier des 2 Lions
ADDRESS: , Tours, France
September 20-23, 2018: TBD
The project is an international collaboration between the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (NY, NY) and the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (Tours, France). The two companies are both leaders in the field of Soundpainting and both ensembles are comprised of interdisciplinary performers.

In 2016-17, co-directors Angélique Cormier (TSO) and Leese Walker (SA) were awarded the prestigious "Écrire Pour La Rue" grant from the SACD, La Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques, allowing the duo to expand the creative team by adding a cartographer and a project coordinator. The team solidified the form and process of the show over the course of a year performing three residencies at Pôle des Arts Urbains. In 2018, the team will perform another series of development residencies at Lieux Public in Marseille, France.

October 19-23, 2018: PoP Up - Marseille, France
Final Development Residency for PoP Up

This residency in Marseille will allow the "PoP Up" team to critically analyze their performance in Tours and to make any final changes to the piece before publishing and touring the work.

"PoP Up" is a scavenger hunt of performances designed to spark communication and connection between community members. Short, site-specific pieces of music, theater, dance and visual art appear on the street, in windows, parks, plazas and businesses of a specific neighborhood. The performances are inspired by real stories collected through interviews with local residents and business owners. Artists meet one-on-one with locals to gather stories about the neighborhood. French cartographer, Julien Rodriguez, then transmutes the stories into a pictorial, hand-drawn map which provides clues about the location of the performances. Neighborhood stories are refracted through the lens of music, dance, visual art or theater appearing in the very place where the story was collected or took place. The material is further transformed by a composer/conductor who sculpts the artists' performances through a live-composing sign language called Soundpainting. Pieces are poetic, transitory, alternately abstract, hilarious or poignant but always surprising. The project is designed to connect people by highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary; to shift the way we see a familiar space by peeping into the desires and concerns of the inhabitants through poetic, momentary dreamscapes.

VENUE: Lieux Public
ADDRESS: 225 Avenue des Aygalades , Marseille, France
PHONE: 33 (0) 4 91 03 81 28
October 19-23, 2018: TBD
The project is a collaboration between the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (NY, NY) and the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (Tours, France). In March, the creative team will conduct interviews and tour potential performance sites in Marseille.The collected interview material inspires a memory map and "palettes" or short compositions by the performers. The compositions are then remixed through the soundpainting language in performance. The company will offer community Soundpainting workshops leading up to the performance so that community members can participate in key scenes.

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