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CALENDAR OF EVENTS     [ History ]

November 28, 2017: STORY SLAM - Brooklyn, NY
WONDER - True Stories Told Live!

Live storytelling with members of the Irondale Ensemble, Strike Anywhere and teachers from Fort Greene Prep Academy. This event is part of the residency project that Irondale and SA are partnering on at Fort Greene Prep. This set of stories will be accompanied by live music by SA's Rolf Sturm on guitar.
VENUE: The Irondale Center
ADDRESS: 85 South Oxford Street , Brooklyn, NY
November 28, 2017: 10:30am

December 2, 2017: Master Class Series - New York, NY
Advanced Ensemble-Building / Soundpainting

SA's Artistic Director, Leese Walker, will facilitate an advanced ensemble-building workshop and soundpainting master class for the administrative staff of Trusty Sidekick, a multi-disciplinary ensemble that creates high quality theater for young audiences.
ADDRESS: , New York, NY
December 2, 2017: 3-6PM
This will be part of Trusty Sidekick's company retreat.

October 2-December 21, 2017: Custom-Designed In-School Residencies - Brooklyn, NY

Launching into their 3rd year as a cultural partner of Fort Greene Prep Academy(FGPA), Strike Anywhere teaching-artists will work with the entire 6th grade by tying into the novel, "Wonder" by RJ Palacio. The book explores what it means to be a person with disabilities. The teaching-artists will work with partner teachers to design theatrical teaching-strategies to animate literary concepts, explore content and help students write their own original piece based on the novel. The residency will culminate in a performance by the students in December.
VENUE: Fort Greene Preparatory Academy
ADDRESS: 100 Clermont Ave, , Brooklyn, NY
October 2-December 21, 2017: TBD

December 11-14, 2017: Residency: Soundpainting - Fort Worth, TX
SOUNDPAINTING INTENSIVE for Choir, Concert Band and Actors

Strike Anywhere's Artistic Director, Leese Walker, will lead a series of Soundpainting Master Classes for student musicians, actors and singers at Timber Creek. The intensive will culminate in a performance for peers and parents.
VENUE: Timber Creek High School
ADDRESS: 12350 Timberland Blvd , Fort Worth, TX
PHONE: (817) 744-2300

December 14, 2017: Soundpainting - Fort Worth, TX

The Concert Band, Choir and Drama students from Timber Creek High School will join forces in an epic performance event soundpainted by SA's Artistic Director, Leese Walker. More details to come...
VENUE: Timber Creek High School
ADDRESS: 12350 Timberland Blvd , Fort Worth, TX
PHONE: (817) 744-2300
December 14, 2017: TBD

January 31-February 4, 2018: Pop-Up - Pigna, Corsica
Remue Méninges - BRAINSTORMING!

Strike Anywhere's Artistic Director and Angelique Cormier the Artistic Director of the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra have been invited to the annual Remue Méninges in Corsica to brainstorm on their new collaboration "Pop-Up" with 5 other artists who are also creating work for public space. The 5-day retreat is hosted by Pierre Sauvageot (Lieux Public, Marseille) and Corsican artist, Toni Casalonga. It is intended to provide a space to support planning, questioning and dialogue between artists as each team wrestles with a new creation.
VENUE: Centre de Création Musicale Voce
ADDRESS: , Pigna, Corsica

March 11-16, 2018: Pop-Up - Marseille, France
Mapping the Neighborhood for PoPuP

The creative team of "Pop-Up" will travel to Marseille in advance of the performers to pick the performance sites, map the neighborhood and conduct interviews with local merchants and residents. This site visit is part of a development residency provided by the Lieux Public allowing the companies to further develop the show. The performers arrive in April to rehearse and perform the set of site-specific soundpaintings.
VENUE: Lieux Public
ADDRESS: 225 Avenue des Aygalades , Marseille, France
PHONE: 33 (0) 4 91 03 81 28

April 23-May 2: Pop-Up - Marseille, France

"Pop-Up" is a scavenger hunt of performances designed to spark communication and connection between community members. Short, site-specific pieces of music, theater, dance and visual art appear on the street, in windows, parks, plazas and businesses of a specific neighborhood. The performances are inspired by real stories collected through interviews with local residents and business owners. Artists meet one-on-one with locals to gather stories about the neighborhood. French cartographer, Julien Rodriguez, then transmutes the stories into a pictorial, hand-drawn map which provides clues about the location of the performances. Neighborhood stories are refracted through the lens of music, dance, visual art or theater appearing in the very place where the story was collected or took place. The material is further transformed by a composer/conductor who sculpts the artists' performances through a live-composing sign language called Soundpainting. Pieces are poetic, transitory, alternately abstract, hilarious or poignant but always surprising. The project is designed to connect people by highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary; to shift the way we see a familiar space by peeping into the desires and concerns of the inhabitants through poetic, momentary dreamscapes.
VENUE: Lieux Public
ADDRESS: 225 Avenue des Aygalades , Marseille, France
PHONE: 33 (0) 4 91 03 81 28
April 23-May 2: TBD
The project is a collaboration between the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (NY, NY) and the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (Tours, France). In March, the creative team will conduct interviews and tour potential performance sites in Marseille.The collected interview material inspires a memory map and "palettes" or short compositions by the performers. The compositions are then remixed through the soundpainting language in performance. The company will offer community Soundpainting workshops leading up to the performance so that community members can participate in key scenes.

November 2-June 8, 2018: Custom-Designed In-School Residencies - New York, New York

For the first time in our 12 year partnership with MIHS, Strike Anywhere teaching-artists will partner with global studies teachers at this school for recent immigrants. Students will explore U.S. history experientially through improv, playwriting, character studies and scene work.
VENUE: Manhattan International High School
ADDRESS: 317,E 67th St , New York, New York
PHONE: (212) 517-6728

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