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Windows and Mirrors
Windows and Mirrors is a residency project book-ended by two performances. The professional show kick-starts the residency by modelling what participants will perform at the culmination of the residency. The Windows and Mirrors performance is a themed storytelling show in which performers share true stories about pivotal moments in their lives. Audiences are offered "windows" into other people's experiences as well as "mirrors" when they see themselves reflected on stage. The performance features live music.

Residencies typically consist of 8-12 workshops and place a professional playwright and/or actor in residence with the group. Residencies are available to middle schools, high schools, colleges and adult-education programs. In school settings, the professional show features teachers from the host school. Teachers undergo a series of professional development workshops to hone their skills as writer/storytellers and then perform alongside Strike Anywhere's professional ensemble.

The residency focuses on the elements of a good story, on classic story structure and on solo performance. The residency can be tailored to address the specific curricular needs of a classroom. Participants will hone writing, editing, listening and performance skills. The residency culminates with everyone performing their story in front of their peers. A curated show is then crafted by the participants highlighting a few of the best stories which are performed in collaboration with Strike Anywhere's professional musicians.

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