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School Programs (K-12)

Custom-Designed In-School Residencies
Strike Anywhere provides short and long-term residencies. Strike Anywheres teaching-artists collaborate closely with a classroom teacher to develop interactive ways to bring the classroom curriculum to life. By applying theatrical forms and exercises to curricular content, students learn on their feet, experiencing concepts and investigating text through visceral training methods. Strike Anywhere has created vibrant, ongoing partnerships with several New York City schools including: Manhattan International High School, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School, Brooklyn High School for the Arts, Lycée Français and St. Aloysius.

Residency: Soundpainting
In conjunction with a performance of SOUNDPAINTING or standing alone, these workshops will introduce your students to the sign language system of conducted improvisation”called Soundpainting. Working as a team or as an orchestra, students will learn to explore themes and create performance landscapes by improvising and collaborating within a tightly structured system.

For ALL levels.

Performance: 10 Brecht Poems
Featured on NPR, WBAI, and German Public Radio, Strike Anywhere and NaCl Theatre present their dynamic, two-woman vaudeville entitled 10 Brecht Poems. Tannis Kowalchuk (NaCl) and Leese Walker (SA) use their extensive training in physical theatre, music, visual art, and storytelling to bring to life 10 poems by Bertolt Brecht, the renowned German playwright and social critic. Using satire and a variety of performance styles, this original show examines the horrors of war, the importance of solidarity and the need for dissent. Aside from tight vocal harmonies, precise movement, and powerful text, the performance also features hand-painted slides and shadow puppets. 50 minutes.

Recommended Levels: 8th-12th grades.

Performance: Soundpainting
Mixing physical theatre, new music, masks and modern dance, Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble adeptly explores the untapped edges of improvisation. Using a revolutionary new approach to composition, the troupe sculpts their improvisations through a conducting language called Soundpainting. Soundpainting is the live composing sign language created by New York composer Walter Thompson for musicians, dancers, actors, poets, and visual artists working in the medium of structured improvisation. At present the language comprises over 750 gestures that are signed by the composer/conductor indicating the type of improvisation desired of the performers. Direction of the composition is gained through the parameters of each set of signed gestures. Strike Anywhere is the only theatre company of its kind using this revolutionary approach to improvised performance. 40-70 minutes.

For ALL Levels. (Soundpainting Performances can use a theme that your school provides.)

Residency: Life Skills Through Theatre
Using theatre games, improvisation, and creative writing techniques, veteran teaching artists can hone your students’ communication and critical thinking skills, boost awareness and teach teamwork. The Life Skills Through Theatre Residency can be tailor-made for your school to complement any part of your curriculum.

For ALL levels.

Residency: From Poetry to Performance
In conjunction with a performance of 10 BRECHT POEMS or standing alone, this residency is designed for your school using a poem by Bertolt Brecht, or one from your curriculum. Students will experience the process of taking the written word and bringing it to life through a student created performance.

For levels 6th-12th grades.

Community Programs for Teens

Strike Anywhere Theatre is currently accepting applications from college and high school students for internships. An internship provides students with hands-on knowledge of the operation of running a small, non-profit theatre company in New York City.

Student interns will be expected to put in 5-30 hours a week at the office or at the theatre. Students will be treated as members of the theatre company and may attend rehearsals. There is no stipend provided for interns but they may take any master classes that Strike Anywhere offers during the intership period for free.

Students can expect to fulfill diverse tasks such as: web research, data entry, assisting with mailings, running the video camera at rehearsals or taking notes for the director at rehearsals, building costumes or the set, hanging lights, hanging posters and/or delivering postcards. Should a student have a preference as far as how they would like to focus their internship, the company will make every effort to try to meet that desire. However, the nature of working for a small, non-profit, experimental ensemble means that everyone involved must complete a variety of tasks.

The majority of rehearsals will take place at various rehearsal studios in Manhattan. Strike Anywhere's office is currently housed in Weehawken, NJ which is only a 10 minute bus ride from Port Authority.

To apply, please contact Leese Walker explaining why you would make a good intern and why you would like to be involved. Please include your phone number and email so that we can set up an interview with you. You may also contact Leese Walker, Artistic Director with any questions or concerns.

Community Programs for Colleges

Extended Residencies
Extended Residencies allow students to work in concert with SA Ensemble members on a project. Strike Anywhere can design a performance project specifically for your department and your students. By working alongside professional musicians, dancers and actors, students can gain valuable insight into the realities of ensemble creation and devised theatre. Residencies of one week to one month are available.

Process - Designed to compliment a live performance, process workshops allow students a way into the production by exposing them to the creation process used to devise the show. Workshops in Soundpainting, 3D Jazz or the explorations used to develop 10 Brecht Poems and other shows are shared with students through experiential exercises. The techniques are then applied to create new material generated by the students.

Skills – Capitalizing on the Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble's diverse assemblage of artists, skill workshops allow the ensemble to share performance skills unique to the ensemble with your students. Workshops on cross-disciplinary improvisation, multi-disciplinary warm-ups, ensemble-building, and teaching-artist training are available in addition to specific vocal, dance, and music master classes.

Strike Anywhere currently tours performances to colleges and universities throughout the United States. Shows currently available include: MEDITATIONS ON MACBETH, THE MACBETH VARIATIONS(bilingual French/English), 10 BRECHT POEMS and SOUNDPAINTING. Performances can be used to stimulate discussion, compliment curriculum and inspire students to create their own original work. Certain performances can be done in non-traditional performance spaces such as a classroom or lecture hall. A post-show discussion with the ensemble is included.

*Workshops or residencies performed in conjunction with one of the touring productions are highly recommended.

Community Programs for Professionals

Teaching Artist Training
Teaching Artist Institute is for all teaching artists who want to take their teaching to the next level. In this experiential institute, we will explore ways to actively involve the classroom teacher, figure out how to plan more effectively, discover how to turn a good lesson into a stellar one, and try out some practical solutions to common behavior issues. TA's will be encouraged to bring in challenges that they have encountered in the field for the group to problem-solve. You will learn how to structure workshops and residencies so that the aim is crystal clear and you will increase your toolbox of games and exercises.

Master Class Series
Strike Anywhere offers high quality master classes to artists at affordable prices. Along side our own company, we offer professional colleagues the opportunity to expand and develop their craft by bringing world-class master teachers to introduce new forms and refresh core techniques.

Professional Development for Educators
Strike Anywhere offers a series of Professional Development workshops for Educators. Workshops are custom-designed to meet the needs of the school. Past workshops have included: Team-building Through Theater, Classroom Management, Creating Experiential Lessons,Theatricalizing the Classroom, Drafting Dynamic Do-Now's, and Sculplting Transitions. Strike Anywhere is an improv-based theater ensemble that creates a joyful space for exploration. Activities are appropriately scaffolded so that participants feel safe and supported. The methodology is one of experiential learning where the facilitator doesnt hold the answers but guides the group to make their own discoveries.
INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Dunn-Ruiz & Leese Walker

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